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Warranty & Return Policy

Any anomaly with the purchased products must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the product.

In the event that the return proceeds, any product must be delivered in its original packaging, including proof of purchase, as well as accessories and manuals of the item.

It is necessary that the product is completely new and unused.

Returns will not be accepted in the following cases:

  • The product features altered or removed warranty seals.
  • Product with physical damage
  • Incompatibility or misconfiguration
  • Packaging is not the original or has alterations or signs of abuse
  • Out-of-time report
  • Product used
  • Product repaired by third parties
  • Products without warranty and/or return.

Register your products for warranty here. How does the process work? How to replace a damaged product?


All products apply a guarantee according to the manufacturer’s policies. For more information, consult a online executive.


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