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Payment Policie

Payment options

  • Debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • SPEI transfer, Cash deposit or check.
  • Cash payment at convenience stores (OXXO and 7 Eleven)

Bank Account


Account: 0195368715
Clabe: 012320001953687153
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Recognition times and payment application:

SPEI: 2 hours.
Debit / Credit Card 60 minutes.
OXXO and 7 eleven 2 hours.
Observation. Each convenience store may charge an additional commission according to its policies and will receive payments according to the maximum amounts established in its processes. (Example: OXXO will charge an additional commission of $ 10 pesos and receive payments up to $ 5,000 pesos in cash only.)
24 hour cash or check deposits.
Once the payment has been made, the receipt must be sent to the following email: info@getttech.mx

It is necessary to receive the firm payment before finalizing the purchase process, which will be canceled 24 hours after the order is confirmed in case said payment is not received.

Invoice Request:

Every client has a maximum period of 7 business days to request the invoice of their purchase, for this it is necessary to send the following information to the email info@getttech.mx:

  • Full name or company name
  • RFC
  • Payment methods
  • Fiscal address
  • Order number
  • Contact phone number
  • Use of CFDI

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